Daleep Yoga & Healing


Currently looking for new location so next Sacred Sircle is hopefully at the end of September!

Starting from 2014, every month mothers of all phases of motherhood are invited for SACRED MOTHERS CIRCLE - where we and our babies do a little bit of everything:
~ dance
~ yoga
~ meditation
~ singing
~ sacred rituals
~ uplifting chat with tea and healthy snacks
~ making beautiful photos

Each Circle has a Theme, which will be reflected in all activities and, of course, during a chat. All participants are welcome to lead any special sacred activity they wish to share with other mothers, so let me know beforehand to make it real Sacred Gathering.

September SMC Theme: BABY REUNION

Since last year when I started with Conscious Mamahood around 30 babies were born by hero Mamas that attended Happy Mama Yoga and/or Dancing For Birth classes!

Some of you have come back and let us see your big love of your life, some not yet, or came at different times. Let's get together and celebrate that wonderful huge thing that happened with you.

All kids are welcome, brothers & sisters, and of course by writing babies I mean all ages since some are already 1 year old or even more!

Approximate agenda
(with babies you never know:))
11.00-11.30 Babies Welcome Dance and Mother's Prayer
11.30-12.15 Mama & Baby Yoga
12.15-12.30 Arranging mandala-style circle of mamas&babies for group photo
12.30-13.00 Tea+cookies+easy chat

For the smooth flow of such an event with babies it is preferable to come on time so we share our first  excitement together and then continue with the program. Of course you can stay or leave whenever comfortable for you and baby(s).

Group photo is voluntary of course. If you like this idea please dress yourself and baby in one of these colours or all of them - White, Yellow, Green. If that's difficult for under part - just  go for universal jeans.

Participation - 10 euro or less if you can't stay for the whole time. If you attend yoga/dance course - participation is considered as 1 class.

Healthy snacks are welcomed.

Zaal Zandrijk De Hangar, Meerbos 4, 5658 LA

RSVP to info@daleep.org if you wish to come.