Daleep Yoga & Healing


Sacred Postpartum and Ever After Mother Care

Dear mamas,

you  have been recently going through one of the most powerful transformations in life. Have you thought of celebrating it? To honor? To process it in your mind and emotional bodies?

How good is it to feel taken care? Even pampered? Even being flower-crowned?

How much-needed is it to have an intensive relaxation while being massaged with warm oil and tucked in with warm lavender cushions and soft shawls?

How relieving is it to be listened about your mother' struggles and joys while taking bath that smells like Alps in spring and watching flower buds floating together with you? Or writing your story in your very personal birth story diary?

How precious is to find peace with your childbirth experience (while meditating or chanting or crying together), letting go of drama of expectation that were not met or forgiving someone or yourself for seeing it so?

How empowering is it to watch opening space of love within your heart (while your belly is generously covered in spicy paste and firmly wrapped)  to welcome new way of living - by being a Mother, a mostly 24/7 available nurturing, calming, caring, cleaning, cooking and may be even already back working?

POSTPARTUM CARE is helping a woman to regain both physical and emotional balance as she readjusts her post-birth body to a non-pregnant state of being.

*Healing Touch: whatever kind of labor it was, together with pregnancy and postpartum times it makes a woman's body feel like after (or still during) a marathon. Caring touch, massaging with the hands and oil, or gentle stretching and vibrating with rebozo (long cotton scarf) can help to relax muscles, bring balance, improve circulation and aid to feeling of well-being.  

*Warming: its important for women immediately postpartum to be warmed. The act of birthing a baby is a cooling for the body and requires heating to restore balance. Sweating that occurs during course of different warming procedures allows body quicker get rid of pregnancy and birth hormones that were aimed to make body more loose and which if not given attention after birth stay up to 7 months, making woman feel still too open, too unstable in her pelvis.

*Sealing: the entire pregnancy and birthing process is about “opening”, spiritually, mentally and physically, but once the baby is born, the body requires “sealing” or closing that which has been opened and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing.

*Binding: belly binding is a process to which a woman’s belly is bound tightly right after giving birth. This act is done ceremoniously and with pure intention to honor the woman. This tradition of sacred belly binding serves many functions, but fore-mostly aids in warming + closing the body post-birth.

*Honoring: the rite of passage from maiden to mother must be marked and honored and valued. Women must feel valued for their accomplishments. They need a ceremony to mark this transition.

*Yoga/Meditation coaching: based on your mental/emotional/body needs  I can support you on establishing daily spiritual practice for a quicker healing and to welcome with courage any motherhood challenges. We will practice together certain yoga/meditation and you will get detailed guidance on further home practice. 

Additionally, in case childbirth was more than one year ago, and there is a wish for next baby there are different traditional holistic methods to support and prepare body for next pregnancy or enhance fertility: moxa applications, deep shiatsu massage and stretching, castor oil belly pack, mud packs, head massage, vaginal steams, etc. Combination of treatments is unique for each woman based on her constitution and discussed in person because woman's good health and well-being in all traditional systems means balance. We discover what primal elements are more present and how, where life energy is in excess or lacking, and compile care treatment to bring them in harmony.

Preferably sessions are done at the comfort of your home, in the evening, so that cascade of pampering can be smoothly completed with deep sleep.

Time of treatments below are proximate as can a bit vary depending on baby needs. It is important that during session somebody can take care of baby so that mother could completely relax and enjoy her me-time. Nevertheless, if baby needs to be feed, or caressed, or just needs mama - we always find ways to do it during the treatment.

Closing Birth ceremony is timeless whether it has been more than 3 months or 3 years ago, especially if you still feel that experience is not yet processed in your body or in your mind or both.


  • body relaxation with rebozo scarf
  • deep tissue whole body massage with warm sesame oil and essential oils
  • spicy belly firming paste or nurturing application
  • belly bind


210€/ 3 sessions

320€/ 5 sessions

On 5th day after birth and any time later
In case of c-section only full body massage up to 6 weeks, after that belly work is possible


Certain components can be substracted,substituted or added based on your wishes.

If you don't have bath, I can bring mini sitting bath.

  • rebozo massage
  • dry skin brushing
  • Postpartum-Healing-Herbs or Floral Botanical or Milk+Honey Bath
  • full body massage with warm sesame oil with essential oils
  • body wrapping with hot lavender packs
  • belly massage with firming paste (plus extra for self-apply)
  • belly bind 
  • "closing" ritual including making flower crown, birth story empowering discussion, dance, meditation

240€ / 3,5-4h
After 40 days post-birth or anytime when ready to close the birth chapter


  • Guided yoga and or meditation session designed for your needs (plus written guidance on self-practice
  • Fertility supportive body care (short description above, more upon personal consultation)

35-60€  for 1/5-1h depending on agreed content and timing