Daleep Yoga & Healing


Relax, Renew and Celebrate!)

The journey of pregnancy will transform forever your life, your identity, your reality, and your future. You are blessed with incredible gift of giving life from your own body. Your radiance and your consiousness attracts a Soul.

Happy Mama Yoga is a Yoga of Conscious Pregnancy and Beyond, given in tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

With specially selected yoga sets and meditations you can enlarge your radiance, uplift your spirit, develop a healthy lifestyle, prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for changes through pregnancy and birth. Extra attention is given to relaxation techniques, balancing of nervous system, bringing awareness to breathing, strengthening and improving flexibility of back, hips and shoulders/breast muscles. Beautiful inspirational Kundalini Yoga music brings to these classes lots of joy and peace, helping to transform emotions into devotion, so that your with your baby journey would be experienced as a wonderful divine adventure.

You can join the classes any time of your pregnancy and also after delivery to get back to shape and just feel great in a new role and connected with other mothers. No previous yoga or fitness experience is needed.

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