Daleep Yoga & Healing


Next workshop - date to be announced after summer break

19.00-22.00 Friday Jan Smitzlaan 7, 5611LD Eindhoven

email info@daleep.org for dates!

All expecting couples that want to know more about birth are welcome for this intensive workshop. Also the workshop can be a great way of introducing of future fathers into world of oxytocin, pelvic floor muscles, deep breath and everything else that mothers-to-be discuss during yoga/dance classes, read in books, learn from mama-friends or just now from their intuition. 

During this intensive workshop you will learn, discuss and practice some of the most important birth wisdom tips from perspective of yoga and holistic living. Workshop is normally repeated every 2-3 months. Check page News for update or better email me letting know about your interest in workshop and information about your due date (preferably workshop to be attended 1-2 months before).

What to expect:

  • ~ HORMONAL BIRTH WISDOM short explanation of birth stages, how woman can feel during them and how she can be supported;
  • ~ FEMALE BODY WISDOM practice active birth positions/supports with/from the partner;
  • ~ POWER OF BREATH learning basic important breath techniques that your partner can remind you during birth;
  • ~ COMFORT MEASURES special massage points, dance moves and words to help you and baby through the birth journey;
  • ~ BIRTH PREP GAME stress-free;
  • ~ POSTPARTUM BLISS afterbirth care essentials for happy mother and baby;
  • ~ yogi tea and snacks
  • ~ mini HAPPY BIRTH KIT my hand-made box with several natural aid treasures to help you make your labour experience a conscious, sacred, wonderful journey

What to bring:

  • paper and pen;
  • camera if you want (i can make pictures of you both so it it will be easier to remember positions);
  • big firm shawl (or thin towel);
  • comfortable clothing.

Costs: 60 euro per couple. Bank account IBAN NL77INGB0004776078 t.n.v. Daleep Yoga te Eindhoven

Address: Loft at Gezondheidscentrum Plus, Jan Smitzlaan 7, 5611 LD Eindhoven

Email to register or leave an inquiry if your due date is too far from date of coming workshop.